Sunday, 16 May 2010

How many Milibands does it take to lead a Labour Party?

So instead of kicking the Con/Lib love in into oblivion the next few months of Labour Party activity is going to be a beauty contest between a range of former ministers as to who should lead the rump of the Parliamentary Labour Party!
According to the Independent on Sunday Ed Balls is 'consulting his election team',no doubt lining up his supporters and creating a war chest.

I am reminded of Nolan who galloped up to Lord Cardigan before the Charge of the Light Brigade and waving his hand wildly told Cardigan to charge.
"There are your enemies M'Lord!"
Frankly right now who cares who leads the Labour Party.In the next few days the most serious and vicious assault on the standards of working people in this country is going to be initiated by the most unprincipled bunch of chancers since MacDonald's 'government of national unity'in 1929
The PLP are going to engage in hostilities,that is certain,but not with the enemy.
They will be doing their best to destroy factions within their own party,and the government will be given a free run to cut jobs and services at a rate unknown in our lifetimes.

But then a party that has no ideology to rely on,and frankly has no purpose other than to ensure its parliamentarians can draw salaries and expenses has lost the plot.
The only Miliband we need at this time is sadly dead.Ralph Miliband understood clearly the class nature of this society and what should be done.
Pity his sons,for all their alleged brightness never really bothered to read their own father's analysis.


  1. Ralph (Adolphe) also founded the "Socialist Register", I wonder what their view would be the Miliband brothers claim to Labours throne?

    Ralph also of course once famously said:

    "Of political parties claiming socialism to be their aim, the Labour Party has always been one of the most dogmatic - not about socialism, but about the parliamentary system. Empirical and flexible about all else, its leaders have always made devotion to that system their fixed point of reference and the conditioning factor of their political behaviour."

  2. that quote should be used at every meeting where a Millipede appears and he should be asked to comment.
    In fact it should be a set question for every aspiring Labour Leader to comment on!
    Their answers would reveal their depths of shallowness.

  3. Is there anyone you guys like?

    I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of any of that venom!!!

  4. hold the front page .... clarke agrees with dickie followed by dickie agreeing with clarke shocker ...