Saturday, 25 August 2012

Prince Harry has an arse- big deal!

So it would appear that Prince Harry has an arse
Hold the front page!
As a matter of fact not only has Prince Harry got an arse but he is an arse.
He is a highly privileged younger son of another arse  who has even fewer redeeming features.
Harry is an average arrogant satrap whom the popular press are portraying as 'just a high spirited young soldier'.
Well if the British Army is full of 'high spirited young soldiers'who can afford to blow £450 on a bottle of vodka and rent a hotel room in  Vegas for a couple of thousand a  night then clearly we are paying our soldiers far too much.
Get rid of the National Debt? Simples-cut back the salary of army officers for a few weeks.

The story,such that it is,should not be about a 27 year old posh boy flashing his bollocks or wresting with a blonde bimbo in his hotel suite.
A suite incidentally where along with his expensive armed police protection unit he was able to fit in another 25 merry pranksters guzzling his vodka and champagne.
Sorry I got that wrong, it was NOT his vodka and champagne it was OUR vodka and champagne.
Of course we will be told that the boy billiard player is of course using his money, the vast sums he earns as an army officer supplemented by what his Mum left him in his trust fund,plus what his Gran doles out in pocket money (except of course he appears to have no pockets).
But none of that is strictly true other than the wage he gets for being in the armed forces.Whatever he gets from his mothers trust fund was money that she got in her divorce settlement from Charles.
And where did he get his millions from?
Why the same place his Gran gets all her millions from-us!

An awful lot of decent people are taken in by the romance and grandeur of a bunch of minor German aristocrats.Look how hard the Saxe-Coberg-Gothas work is a frequent refrain.
Well if putting one foot in front of another,shaking a few hands and behaving as ifv the world owes them a living-I suppose you can call that working.

The mantra ofv the coalition is that we are all in this together!-well it would appear that some of us can jet off to the fleshpots of Vegas at the drop of a coronet and have a fine old time at our expense.

The royals are a collection of parasites that have no capacity to inspire,no capacity to lead and deserve oblivion not fawning and amazement that they each have an arse.

Every time the issue of the purpose of the monarchy is questioned the loyal subjects bleat that the alternative would be too awful to contemplate.What would happen if we had a President Putin, or worse a President Blair.
Well if we had a President at some time they would have to stand for election(unless of course you were Putin) and even the worst of them would pass on  eventually.(Unless it was the Kim Il dynasty of course)

But the Presidential model is not the only one available,it is probably a good thing to have a ceremonial head of state,a bit like the Mayor of a town,but it is not essential.It would be perfectly possible for a mature parliamentary democracy like this one to get by without a Lord High Heid Yin.

And if all else fails there is always the Speaker of the House of Commons-Bercow the First!