Sunday, 14 February 2016

Nothing changes-everything stays the same

It is all to common for commentators and spin doctors and those clever people who are now called 'moderates' in the Labour Party to run down and write off Marx as a failed prophet from a time when capitalism had a cruel and ruthless tint.
When it was red in tooth and claw,but of course we now have compassionate capitalism and everything is different and we march to a different tune.

We have the usual silver tongued rhetoric from the 'we're all in it together' win g of the cruel party, we have David Cameron telling the world that we all love the welfare state and we all want to help the poor and we all want a fair and just and equal society and blah blah blah.
Not for nothing was Cameron a spin doctor whose role model was the 'straight kinda' guy' who snuggled up to the banks and suckled the great big American corporate tit that was George Bush.

The mask has slipped.For decades the mean spirited free traders came after organised labour.One after another the weakened and divided the trade union movement.Thirty years ago they used their attack dogs in the media to howl abuse at trade unions,we call all remember what they said about the miners and the transport workers and the fire-fighters-all those brutes who held the country to ransom, who wouldn't bury the dead or empty the dustbins or force poor commuters to freeze on draughty stations Remember the feeding frenzy when they declared that they had broken the miners.How the Murdoch press rejoiced as coalfield after coalfield was closed and communities decimated.
Remember the joy in the boardrooms,not to mention the newsrooms and almost certainly the cabinet room.
And as that was happening,most people in work nodded wisely over their cornflakes and agreed with the squalid hacks who wrote the sort of lies about Arthur Scargill that they now write about Jeremy Corbyn.Marx a century before pointed out in much more measured  tones and with sound economic logic the nature of the free market and monopoly capitalism.
When they have weaken,cowed and broken the strongest opponents, they come after the rest,and so today we see swathes of the middle class,once secure in their professionalism facing the same brutality that industrial workers have gone through.
They have systematically weakened teachers,with their regime change,the creation of 'free schhols',the privatisation of education in the academy chains and the endless control freakery within the classroom.
They didn't stop there,endless experts and financial geniuses were rolled out to show how by selling essential services to the private sector everything would be better.Railways,local government,water,power,you name it-they've sold it to their mates,and not only in the city,but in the global marketplace that is known as the free market.
So now they are after the biggest prize.break the 'junior' doctors, then they can go after the nurses and the other hospital workers,and then the big prize-the consultants.

Jeremy Hunt is everything we think he is, and more, He's only the knob on the front of the packet and will be discarded like a used condom when he's done the damage(he's the one in the packet with the small prick in it!)

For capitalism to work it has only one strategy, it will never cut profit because that is its only purpose,so it will cut costs and tell us its in our best interests-we need austerity,we need lower pensions,we need lower pay,we need less services,we need to work harder and above all we need to keep our mouths shut and our heads down.
Having written a few hundred words of unrestrained gloom and misery I see some good signs.I see a trade union movement that is starting to see the danger,a bit late but better than never.If the BMA can see the writing on the wall, then maybe others will too.It's time for union members to recognise that nothing was ever won without a fight-so goodbye to 'Sir'Paul Kenny and his ilk and lets get union leaders elected who will represent their members.
The same is true of the Party of Labour.For years it has been on its knees,fawning before the big banks and the hedge fund owners and the press barons.
There is still a long way to go, as worldwide workers start to remember whose side they're on,the spectre of fascism looms once again.
Trump and all those like him are ugly and dangerous,but they can be defeated.Bernie Saunders may indeed face insurmountable odds this time, but over three million Americans have funded his campaign and that's a lot more than the few hundred billionaires and zillionaires who fund all the others.
The biggest threat we face is racism.Once you can get people divided,on race,religion,whatever,then you can beat them.
There is no refugee crisis,any more than there is a crisis in the NHS or there is a crisis in Eastenders.If you tell people often enough there is a crisis looming they will believe it-tell them every guy with a beard is a possible terrorist then most football teams would be down to three or four players.

The Doctors must win,if they lose,then the free marketeers will have won and the next set of victims will be lined up.

Is that the lawyers and judges I see getting a bit itsy ?