Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Crock of Shit politics

I am totally obliged to my Californian friends,Susan and Don,for their sound definition of modern British politics.
What we are living through is an absolute crock and I really don't know what is the worst aspect of the debacle.
Everyone is talking about 'change' and the 'new politics' and all that old guff,but it seems to me there is nothing new about changing 'long held principles' in the quest for naked power.
In order to get his arse in the ministerial limo Clegg it would seem all those cherished liberal policies were just so much tosh.

A few short days ago he and his colleagues were convinced that the Tory policy of beginning deep cuts in public spending immediately were damaging to recovery.
Yet Deputy Dawg Clegg will nod the cuts through without a thought to the damage they will do to the fabric of the country.
But then of course DDC will insist that it is all in the 'national interest'-I wonder how his poorer constituents in Sheffield will view the inevitable pain that his actions will cause?
But then again will he care? Will he care that the Tory policy of allowing any Tom,Dick or multi-millionaire can open a school at will?
Will he be at bothered that the Trident programme,that he argued rightly and passionately against will continue untroubled?
Will the privately educated Tory clone even stop to ponder his Party's traditional social democratic tradition as he cuddles up to that other public schoolboy.Truly the Jedward of British politics.
My Dad used to say 'what do you expect from a pig but a grunt!'and that about sums up the 'coalition'.
But I think on balance I'm more upset by the abdication of the New Labour Party.
In my youth there were numerous Trotskyite groups who peddled the line that if workers suffered enough they would turn to revolution out of desperation.
So New Labour have adopted the same philosophy,let the workers have a bit of the Tory/Lib-Dem lash and next time they will return in their droves to the New labour Party.
I never much liked Kinnock but at least his 'battered shield' view of the world was better than the cowardly line taken by this bunch.
it all smacks of the political class looking after themselves, and a sort of gentlemanly world view that its now someone else's turn!
The labour Party had a responsibility to try and look after their supporters,by whatever means possible.If that meant a minority government with the support of left leaning Lib-Dems, the SNP,Plaid,the Green and Sylvia Hermon-then so be it.
A rainbow coalition might have run into trouble, but it would have certainly been working in the interests of the nation that I believe needs to be looked after!
But it seems that to many in the PLP the most important issue is who will the next leader be!
What a crock we have before us.


  1. Love it as always...
    You really SHOULD write more on this John!!!

  2. "The Jedward of British Politics" that line John deserves a wider audience!

  3. I never knew John knew who Jedward were!!!

    Just teasing my friend x