Sunday, 21 March 2010

Almost back up to speed

At last I've been reunited with my blog.I had to go through several cyber hoops to restore this blog,mind you it hasn't been too distressful.I have been able to get on with my book and have made excellent progress.
The fearful symmetry of what I have been doing is that the behaviour of the Communist Party apparachniks in the 1850's seems so little different from their modern counterparts in the East Midlands Labour Party!
Marx was right,history does repeat itself,first time as tragedy the second time as farce!

So the Labour candidate for Northampton South,who is standing for re-election to Waltham Forest Council is once again facing both ways, he tells the people of Waltham Forest that he's only a paper candidate in Northampton and yet tells the Chronicle & Echo here that he's going to fight to win in Northampton.
Not so much a paper candidate-more a paper tiger!

Northampton deserves better,much better and so as each day passes the candidature of Tony Clarke looks stronger and far more credible.
Binners is a busted flush-even though his stage managed debate with Mr. L & G Church might proke more smoke than fire.
Varno is lurking at around 100 to 1 and is once again demonstrating his breathtaking shallowness-I watched him perform at a Scrutiny Committee call in earlier in the week and his mediocrity was only outclipsed by the rambings of Cllr.Brian Hoare.A leader of Council who has yet to understand the inner workings of a NBC microphone-it helps when you switch it on!
And Clyde Loakes is the MaCavity of local politics.Astonishingly with all that's happening in Northampton he finds it impossible to get here.
It's true a Labour Party loyalist in Duston,or maybe THE Labour Party loyalist imn Duston claimed that the mighty Clyde,(what 'ere may betide) has leafletted over in Duston.
Well if its the crap piece of printing I saw not going out in Castle Ward, then Duston's gain is nobody else's loss!
Loakes is clearly not a serious candidate, and with no active members to support him it is scandalous that the local Labour party is still taking money from unions who could be making more use of scarce resources helping striking workers.

But then of course,the Rehional labour party won't really care very much, they'll all be out helping Ms.Oldknow fight her seat in Nottinghamshire that she conveniently fell into!
A lesson Clyde, if you want a seat in the East Midlands-get a job as the office junior in the Regional Office.
This pesky General Election has meant that the 'political' columnists on the Chronicle & Echo are now in purdah until May 7th.That means Pandora,John Grosvenor and myself will have to write anodyne a-political material for a few
So if its anodyne and a-political I guess I'll be weiting a lot about the Lib-Dems for the next few weeks.