Monday, 31 May 2010

Bollards to NBC!

I've seen the fountain and its OK.Well it's hardly the sort of thing that takes the breath away,it is not exactly the Trevi Fountain, and indeed by gushing upwards instead of gently bubbling downwards its less a fountain-more a burst pipe.
But it's true to say that the children loved it, and it gave them pleasure,so in that sense it has a purpose.
But as an entrance to the medieval Market Square-frankly it sucks.
What is perhaps worse is the featureless clock on an aluminium pole-wonder how many passers by even noticed it? and worse still the bloody aluminium bollards that have appeared-in gay profusion near the fountain.
Why does this town have an obsession with ugly aluminium coloured bollards?They are everywhere-Gold Street and Marefair look much better these days-apart from the useless addition of what seem like dozens of the little silver coloured bo****ds.
Has someone on NBC got shares in the bollard factory or a relative with a big garden shed?
The other thing about the town scape is the absolute masses of street signs everywhere.
Sit on the portico with a coffee and count the street signs around-look at the top of Bridge street, there is one pointing down the street and two feet away another pointing up the street!

What has happened to planning?There is no sign of common sense in the signage in the town centre.
Lastly the plums.Other places have different sorts of revolutions, in Prague there was the velvet revolution, in the Ukraine there was the orange revolution and in Northampton-we manage to have the plum revolution!
The town has a long history of merry pranksters-the black painted footsteps from Bradlaugh's statue to the public toilet was a memorable jape(and should have been kept as a tourist attraction)
Today the standard has gone down if the best someone can come up with is a plum in the fountain!
Not even an aubergine.
The Lib-Dems have even stifled creative mischief-how boring can they get?

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