Monday, 15 May 2017

The phenomenon of the working class Tory

Theresa May is trying to pretend that she is trying to entice a new creature  called a 'patriotic working class tory' to break their historic links with the Labour Party and throw in their lot with the proletarian party of Sir Robert Peel, Benjamin Disraeli,Churchill,Thatcher and all the other monstrous creatures of wealth and privilege.
I'll let you in toa secret-there have always been such snivelling patriots crawling about,always willing to believe that their lords and masters care about them, and value their hard-working contribution to the nation,as long as they work hard,keep their mouth shut and are grateful for what little they are given.
Oscar Wilde knew well all about 'the deserving poor' who accepted their lot without question,did what their masters told them and never questioned anything.Wilde admired those who rebelled, who refused too acquiesce in their own subjugation and always seek to find someone worse off than themselves so they could give them a good kicking.
That is of course the root of all racism, if your at the bottom of the pile,don't ever question those at the top with their boot firmly on your neck, find someone that you can plant your depressing little trotter on-it'll make you feel that wee bit more superior and allow yourself to puff out your patriotic hest a wee bit more.

What do these working class tories really think when they wrap the Union Jack round their 'patriotic carcasses and sing 'God save the Queen' and talk about the superiority of the 'British way of life' in some sort of ritualistic religious fervour ?
Do they really think that the Royal house of Saxe-Coberg-Gotha  really gives a toss for those loyal working class toilers who wave their pathetic wee flags whenever a royal personage deins to nod in their direction?
Do they really think they have a special connection with a monarchy so remote from real life that a TV series that portrays them as cartoon characters in a make believe world is worth being connected to?
Do they really believe that when asked to go and risk their life in a foreign state thousands of miles away they are really doing it for their queen and their country ?

In case any working class tory gets round to reading this here blog let me make it clear.I am very patriotic- but my patriotism is not the superficial toadying to the rich and powerful who will lie and cheat working people out of their rights,the things they have fought for over generations, their aspirations and their hopes for a fairer and more equitable country in which to live.
When they burble on about the virtues of Brexir and taking back control of their country they are deluding themselves.Working people have never had control of this country although they, we are capable of doing so.
I am a patriot, but my patriotism starts and ends with my class, and my understanding starts and ends with working people all over the world.I have a common interest with teachers,woking or retired,in America or Sri Lanka or Croatia or anywhere than I have with Donald Trump,Theresa May or even Lord Mandelson.
To put it as simply as I can,so that even the dimmest working class patriotic tory can understand my definition of patriotism is solidarity-end of story.

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