Saturday, 8 April 2017

Whatever else he is at least Trump is consistent

You sense what ever Trump is then at least he follows a clear and obvious trajectory, that is the one consistency of the Trump is the fact that he is inconsistent. His current act of irrationality in bombing and airbase in Syria and provoking not merely their regime there but also the Russians and probably the Chinese.

The explanation that he has given for the attack was that he watched on Fox television the chemical weapons attack and he was upset at the sight of Syrian children dying as a result of the attack. Strange therefore that this is the man who really didn't give a monkeys about Syrian children who were drowning on refugee boats in the Mediterranean and wants to close the borders of America to refugees from places like Syria the they men women beautiful children!

But then over the last 10 weeks we have seen nothing from this man other than hypocrisy, irrationality and absurd decisions.

This is the man who boasts that he has never read a book although he claims to have written 17 books, I wonder how difficult it is to write a colouring book? To put it bluntly the man is a dangerous illiterate and when experts say that the world over the last 48 hours has got closer to a dangerous war situation we need to think carefully about what happens next.

The fact that no one knows what is likely to happen and what this dreadful man is capable of I think we need to be very afraid, in my column in the Chronicle and Echo a couple of weeks ago I argued that the world needs the American people to impeach the bastard very quickly.

His inconsistency is revealed in his attitude to events in Syria. Just two years ago in his inimitable literary style he tweeted that Obama must not cross the red line and commit American troops to any further action in Syria. The whole premise of his America first policy is predicated on non-intervention anywhere in the world, he even wants to build a wall to keep either Mexicans out of America or Americans out of anywhere else that looks vaguely like Mexico.

He also argued that Obama shouldn't do anything without congressional approval and what he did do on Thursday why he launched 92 Tomahawk missiles without congressional approval. Once again Donald a hypocrite the man with the colouring book and blunt pencils has achieved the rare distinction of changing his mind and putting not just his bloody golf causes at risk but the whole world

The perception among commentators is that he is doing this to show that he really isn't a bosom buddy of Vladimir Putin, that way he can deflect the criticism that the Russians using cyber attacks help him win the presidency. As the evidence piles up then that is in fact a plausible explanation for his behaviour, distraction is the best way to draw the world's attention away from his insanity.

However I think he is not simply aware of the need to distract the people of the world from his criminal behaviour I think he needs to distract the people of America from the fact that his promises during election were nothing but flimflam

The most interesting thing I have read this week has been a well researched article in Time magazine, Much was made in his campaign about saving the American coal industry, how he was going to reverse the Obama policies on fossil fuel and climate change. He was going to make American coal great again

He won in states like West Virginia with promises of rebuilding the mining industry, it is possible he was aware that the Obama legislation would make the difference to the future of mining in West Virginia, it was already clear that mining was in serious decline and that the move towards natural gas obtained by the process of fracking was taking over.

West Virginia produces 60% of the coal it did a decade ago and employs about 12,000 people as coalminers down from more than 64,000 in the 1970s. Apart from the market forces that are changing the power industry in America there is the simple fact that after 150 years the coal supplies are running out, what coal remains is far deeper and far more expensive to extract.

When Trump was making his promises last year he must have known the truth of the situation after all he is supposed not only to be a famous writer but also extremely astute businessman. He must have known when he went on the stump trying to win votes in those desperate states that he was not only being economically with the truth but in fact was lying to the people

Everything he does appears to be carefully crafted lies and he is on a daily basis being found out even his passionate supporters in this country like Nigel Farage are realising publicly that the man will say anything and do anything to win power. He accuses people like Assad are being a demagogue and a dictator

I suppose it takes one to know one.

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