Saturday, 25 March 2017

Trump couldn't deal a hand of pontoon

In my column in the Chronicle and Echo a week or two ago I argued that the best thing the American people could do would be to impeach the dreadful Trump.

I got a response in the letters column this week from, surprise surprise the local voice of UKIP(interestingly enough my gadget that enables me to dictate this blog thought that UKIP was actually Phucket-not far wrong there) In her defence of Trump Mrs Gibben, for it was she, bemoan the fact that I had an occasional column and she didn't.

Despite the fact that the little bunch of local kippers seem to get letters printed every week she still pursued the argument that the far right are badly treated by the media, instead of impeaching Trump she thought that Blair(I think this machine has a mind of its own for instead of Blair it substituted the word millionaire!) should be impeached. She obviously has never read any of my earlier columns or blogs where you would have found that I argued that our former Prime Minister should along with George Bush face a war crimes tribunal.

And strangely enough in her love letter to Trump Mrs Gibben forgot to mention that she had been the UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Northampton South. Obviously it had slipped her mind and obviously it could never be considered fake news or an attempt to hide who this innocent soul was from an unsuspecting public.

Yet the love of her life the unprepossessing president in the White House was not and is not the great dealmaker and political highflyer that he pretends and her party adore.

The fact that his big promise during the presidential election was that he would end within the first 100 days Obamacare fell at the first hurdle. With the largest Republican majority in Congress since the 1920s he was unable to secure a majority vote. His frequent boast of being a great dealmaker collapsed before it even got off the ground. He couldn't persuade over 30 of his own Republican congressmen to support him over his flagship policy.

The reason is quite simple his congressmen realised that to cut medical care from 24 million Americans might just damage them at the next mid-term elections. Turkeys rarely vote for Christmas.

However that is not strictly true, not so long ago a large number well over 50% of the British people or more precisely English and Welsh people voted like turkeys for Christmas. They believed the nonsense of cheap and shoddy populism that promised everything all the time to all people provided they left the European Union, the only surprise is that the populists didn't promise to rebuild Hadrian's Wall, thus emulating the knob head in the White House.

The only political thought in the empty heads ofUKIP and the Trumpists is to blame the foreigners, especially those with brown skins and a particular religion. It must have come as an enormous shock when Farage found out that the man who committed the killings in Westminster was like him born in Kent(incidentally my machine went off again and called Farage- Fawaz-I'm growing to love this machine)

At the risk of once again upsetting our local Trump lover I hope the sensible people of America get their act together and begin impeachment procedures against the brute, otherwise as well as punishing the minorities in his country, as well as intimidating people from other religions, building an ugly wall across the American Mexican border, as well as trampling over the historic rights of the Native American people I fear that the Bozo will probably declare war on North Korea, China and anywhere else he sticks a pin in his child's atlas.

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