Sunday, 22 November 2015

With so many critics-You must be doing something right!

Hysteria takes many forms.The events in Paris last week revealed the extent of hysteria and has in fact played directly into the hands of a tiny bunch of criminally insane people.

In my Chronicle & Echo column out this Thursday I have enlarged on my theme that we are not at war.The 'war against terror' was a construct created by George W Bush,aided and abetted by Blair to justify the invasion of Iraq, the collapse of civil government in that country, the growth of sectarian strife in that country and the protecting of Western oil interests.
If you really want a worldwide criminal conspiracy-look no further!
What the Iraq war unleashed was a culture of gangsterism and criminality, with a rich strain of religious sectarianism and bigotry,fuelled by the breakdown of civil society and funded by the Saudi Royal family,their religious zealots and other assorted Arab states and the right wing Pakistani politicians.

There are hundreds of criminal gangs from Somalian pirates to human smugglers,arms dealers and drug cartels flourishing throughout the region.Some are of course better armed and have more influence and control more territory.They may call themselves a Caliphate and indeed have large stockpiles of arms and money,estimated at about two trillion dollars,but they are bandits preying on the people of that region.
And of course it will be the people of that region,properly supported and helped who will defeat the evil will be the people that the West resolutely refused to support for decades, the Kurdish people, the trade unions in Iraq and Syria and the left leaning nationalists who wanted nothing more than control of their national oil reserves.

What we have seen happening in Western and African cities is in many ways unrelated criminal activity that is nothing more than copycat behaviours.
The fact that a number of them claim allegiance to Islam and think that martyrdom will earn them a load of virgins in eternal bliss is really a measure of how pathetic they are,evidence shows,particularly of the Parisian gang,is of an incompetent but dangerous bunch of petty criminals and drug users,some of whom wouldn't know a Koran if it fell on their heads.
You don't declare war on a handful of criminal misfits, if you did then half of British cabinet ministers since the Iraq war would be war criminals! (maybe I need to think that again!)
So because of a handful of crazed misfits the world is in turmoil,cities are closed down,intelligence agencies have billions thrown at them and we are rushing headlong into bombing towns and cities in Syria and iraq to 'punish' all those men women and children who live there+.

To describe what is happening as an over reaction is something of an understatement.Perhaps the idea is to create millions more refugees and thus completely depopulated most of thosr two countries-what a brilliant strategy.
Then of course as they hang out in squalid refugee camps or perish at sea, the young amongst them will bear no resentment to the bombers !
Of course there is no simple solution,but throwing bombs around sure as hell isn't even close to a solution.
Supporting the progressive forces within the Kurdish,Syrian and Iraqi populations would be a good start.Imposing sanctions on the paymasters in Saudi,Pakistan and the Gulf States might be another sensible step in trhe right direction.
In Europe, well instead of cutting police funding,employing more community officers  to work on a day to day basis might be better than slinging pots of money at MI5 and MI6-whose track record we only have their word for.
Of course spending billions on Trident makes sense, always handy to be able to nuke the terror gangs in Paris or Brussels, that would kill more than thousands of people,it would also get us out of the EU!
There again it might dawn on some that there is a connection between structural poverty and disaffection amongst young people.Perhaps it is mere coincidence that in the Paris suburbs where some of the gang came from youth unemployment is running at 40%
What is the bold Labour Party doing ? Well it would appear from this Sunday's papers the PLP and a range of commentators are getting their rocks off by slagging off Jeremy Corbyn.(Nothing new there,but the viciousness is several notches higher)
What dangerous ideas has he got them all so riled ? Well he said for instance that 'shoot to kill' is not the first point of departure, and that the rule of law is what this nation is based on.
Well Jeremy, that's certainly a revolutionary concept,after all we have no examples recently of men in uniform shooting to kill then discovering their 'terrorist' was an innocent electrician or carrying a chairleg!
He has also had the audacity to suggest that maybe bombing civilians is not always the best way to win hearts and minds, well strangely his view has been echoed by peace loving military chiefs, who have noticed that more bombings don't always achieve the desired effect-unless they discovered a hidden hoarde of WMD's.
What else has he suggested,well the idea that involving the UN -that seems to be OK, but Cameron and many of the gung-ho Blairites seem determined to move with or without UN agreement,but thenn I forgot,they know all about real-politic!

What is truly depressing the the uniformity of the criticism, Barbara Ellen in the 'Observer' announces that she is a 'moderate' and has resigned from the Labour Party in protest, well pardon me,I've been reading the paper for years and was unaware that she had a Labour bone in her body-I obviously missed her secret socialist message.
In the same paper, Liz Kendall,onetime contender for the Labour leadership proclaims that it is 'unpatriotic'not to support Trident.
Everywhere else there are plots and whispers and pronouncements about the need to get rid of Jeremy, and they mostly come from within the Labour Party.
Mwemo to those disloyal trolls -who won the largestr ever vote in the Party's history and increased the membership fastest- clue- it wasn't Danzuk,Mann,Kendall or even Blunkett.
Just a thought.



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