Saturday, 21 June 2014

What on earth was Miliband thinking?

It really does not matter if Ed Miliband has no idea how to eat a bacon sandwich.Nor does it matter if he forgets the nbame of the Labour leader of Swindon.Nor in fact does it matter if he gets someone to tie is laces for him and wipe his little hands.
It does however matter if he is seen in 22 million copies of the Sun holding it up with an inane grin on his face trying to impress English football fans that he knows or cares about the progress of their team.

Had he wanted to show support then an England scarf would have been enough.
But the bloody Sun!
Especially as he knew just what a dreadful scurrilous rag that paper is, and indeed a few months ago he had courageously attacked the power of the gutter tabloids.
He must have known too that the Hillsborough Inquiry was nearing completion and that for many people on Merseyside nerves were raw.
And surely he must have known that The Sun is barely sold on Merseyside and surely someone tokld him that none of the 22 million copies would not be delivered in that area!
So why did he allow himself to be used in such a squalid way/
Because Cameron and Clegg also posed with the dreadful thing?
More reason for a sensible Labour politician to have refused point blank.
Of course Blair would happily have done the stunt, indeed he would willingly have worn a Sun paper hat on his head and pranced with another copy stuck up his arse.

As my Dad used to say:"What do you expect from a pig but a grunt!"

Miliband was sold as something different, as the antidote to all things Blair, we were told that he had a radical left leaning agenda that still had something to do with the party of Labour  and the aspirations of working people.
Of course in our heart of hearts we all knew that was pure bollocks, it was simply more spin that was Alastair Campbell lite,that Miliband  had been at the core of tghe Blair-Brown 'project' and nothing would change.
But socialists are optimistic souls, and knowing his father and mother and their serious commitment to socialism there was always a slight hope that like Clark Kent he would  step into a phonebox and come out as Supersocialist!
We all should have known better, all we have had is a pale imitation, a raft of minimalist policies on obesity and probably traffic cones underpinned with a promise to continue the austerity programmes of the coalition.
Balls and Miliband are still wittering on about reducing the deficit and paying off the national debt!

It's a good thing that the Attlee government didn't want to pay off lend lease in the first three years and off to pay the debts of the east India Company too, otherwise the health service would have resembled Tannochbrae with only the corpse of Dr Cameron to treat the folk who called Janet.
Dr Findlay would have long since decamped to New Zealand!

Now we learn, right after his triumphant appearance as the paper boy for Murdoch, Milibands latest big idea is to cut support to the young unemployed unless they agree to (or more precisely coerced into) taking on training of some sort.
Training to do what?
learn how to work on minimum wages,on zero hour contracts,with no trade union rights and pay greedy landlords extortionate rents to live in grubby HIMO's?

Good and sensible comrades some how think that the Labour party might be better if Alan Johnston was leading it.Somehow I doubt it, he may have been a trade union general secretary and he may have an estuary accent but the sad truth is he too was part of the Blair-Brown 'project' and as Home Secretary he was almost as bad as Blunkett.

Theree still many good people working hard in the Labour Party to win the next election, but as far as I can see its a bit like that TV advert of the little girl pondering her choice between Daddy and chips   

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  1. John Dickie was one of the best leaders of the council Northampton has ever had who along with Tony Clarke supported our bid or unitary status which Northampton justly deserves.
    Sadly the county council did not abide by the rules of the consultation and misled the electorate because it was desperate to retain control of the Northampton borough council tax to spend else where.
    Like now, It was unfortunate then that so many of our councillors sat on both borough and county council and thinking more of their allowances than the people they were supposed to represent had no appetite to support the sensible and right decision of single status for Northampton.
    Had we attained unitary status the benefits to our town would have been tremendous and we certainly wouldn't still be the "Cash Cow" of the county with a Tory biased police commissioner and the out of touch wasteful and arrogant Tory council that we have at the moment.