Sunday, 27 April 2014

Desperate men do desperate things

It will be interesting to see who blames who if the whole referendum story in Scotland doesn't turn out quite how the masters of the universe predicted it would go.
Already they are blaming dreary Darling for making a complete arse of the 'No' campaign, and the Tories are getting ready to blame Labour for their failure to keep the Union intact and labour are blaming the Tories for only being half hearted in support of the status quo.
It could have all have been so different, and why didn't they see the possibilities coming down the road?

I believe passionately that an independent Scotland is the best solution, both in terms of the people of Scotland but also in the best interests of the working people of England too.
An independent Scotland might give the ;lacklustre labour movement in England some cojones.It might convince them that the only way is not Essex and that a progressive settlement is possible.

If Scotland can do without the obscenity that is Trident, why England could do without it too, and the £25 billion a throw on a useless submarine,commanded by the USA anyway,might be shown up as the waste it is so obviously.
One consequence of Scotland getting shot (sorry for the phrase) of Trident would be the thorny issue of where to relocate the bloody thing.
Fine when its in a berth up near Glasgow, a little more uncomfortable however if it had to be parked somewhere near the home counties-in Hampshire for instance!
If the nimbys don't like a few council houses or a downmarket supermarket on their doorstep-imagine their reaction to a fully armed nuclear sub skulking at the end of their waterfront?
That would certainly bugger up the property prices!

The Unionist parties have thrown everything at Scotland, including the cabinet,the shadow cabinet, the Bank of England,a herd of Generals,Admirals and Air Marshals, as well as bankers,oil companies and even Favid Bowie.
But those stubborn Celts appear to be ignoring the plaintive howls from the South and even being love bombed by Cameron and Miliband.  You'll know when things are getting desperate when they send Clegg up on a sleeper to Aberdeen.
What I find strange is why the Tories are bothering.They instinctively hate Scotland and Scots, and of course the feeling in mutual.With only one MP in Scotland, as the joke goes, there are more pandas in Scotland than Tory MP's.
It is easy to see why Miliband needs the Scottish seats, the 41 Labour MP's are his only hope in 2015.That's why that old hasbeen Gordon Brown was sent on the stump last week.His presence no doubt added many thousands of 'Yes' votes.
I bet Alex Salmond is praying that they enlist Tony Blair's silver tongue in the 'No' cause!

Yet it could have been different.If from the outset Scotland had beeen offered a Federal option, with the right to control more of the economy, foreign and defence policy as they affect Scotland and a greater degree of fiscal control, I suspect that would have met with approval all over Scotland, and in many parts of England not in thrall to the London hegemony.
It would have given Scotland an alternative to demonstrate that a social democrat, if not a socialist state could prosper away from the bleak negativity of austerity Faragism.

I am impressed however by the astute leadership of Alex Salmond and especially Nicola Sturgeon.They have both played a blinder and have gaugedthe mood of the coutry.
It is of course possible that the 'No' vote will prevail, the combination of all the big guns focussed on Scotland plus the scare tactics that are the stock in trade of the Unionists might still win.But the anger will still be there, and it will only be a matter of time....

Mind you id the SNP had promised to create a Scottish Republic,left Nato and nationalised the oil industry,rhen I think there would have been no contst!

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  1. It's indicative of the utter cluelessness of the Union's political and chattering classes that you seldom if ever read this sort of sense in any of their utterances.

    We in the independence movement are indeed blessed by the enemies Providence has provided us. To facilitate their myriad own goals, all we've had to do is stand still and not distract them.

    It is clear it is that when any of these bozos get near the levers of power they become a danger to themselves and others.

    Of course it isn't an English thing, this is a Union phenomenon.

    There are the carnival barkers of the jocktocracy in the Lords, with notables like the Lords’, Forsyth, Foulkes, Wallace, and Caithness – none of whom could get themselves elected assistant dog-catcher in Scotland, but all of whom insist on lecturing the people of Scotland what on what they can and cannot do in their own land.

    Then there is the noble lord, Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, KT, GCMG, FRSA, FRSE, PC, a former defence secretary and Secretary General of NATO, who in this recent speech to Brookings raised camp and hyperbole to the level of a clinical disorder, with his warnings of "dark forces" and the end of civilisation, should Scotland dissolve its union with England.

    You'll recall Cameron love-bombing us from the Olympic Stadium recently. What you may not know is that (as diplomatic cables reveal) he was simultaneously pressuring a total of 34 nations to make comments disparaging Scots ability to govern themselves. This at the very moment he was telling us how much he desired and respected us.

    The referendum was strictly a matter for the Scots to decide he told us. He is the man who stood at that lectern and with impressive gravitas and moment of purpose assured us there would be no interference from him, because he said, he was perhaps too English.

    Well, let me reassure you, John, it isn’t Cameron’s Englishness that the Scots disdain, it is his character.

    Comforting to know there are at least some south of the border who get this.