Thursday, 24 October 2013

All coppers are.....!

The Police Federation has over the years not exactly covered themselves with glory.They have indeed frequently been the most reactionary of organisations imbued with a culture of bullying and servility!
A few years ago, when they had a woman officer,Jan Berry as their leader they became a far more tolerant and intelligent organisation.
Indeed a very model of a modern trade union.

They may have regressed a little but what is astonishing is to see the Tories and their willing accomplices (aka Keith Vaz) line up to damage the Fed in the traditional way Tories used to do to the Miners,Firefighters,teachers.Much in the same way the Labour Party has recently been doing to Unite.
However the last few weeks have seen a whole new ugly face of union-bashing.A systematic blend of character assassination and political thuggery that has been as bad as the bad old days of Thatcher-and the target has been the once loyalist Police service.

The affair started with what is commonly known as 'Plebgate'.
A vulgar and arrogant Tory Minister Andrew Mitchell tried to wheel his bike through the gates at Downing Street, an odd little event in itself as he had a perfectly good alternative route out of the back of Downing Street that would have avoided the traffic.
But no matter, the Police of duty asked him not to use the gate and Mitchell responded using the time honoured language of those who belive they have a divine right to rule:
"Fucking pleb!"
Herein lies the strange part of the story.Mitchell has never denied he used the'f' word, he claims he used it sotte-voce but he has never denied swearing.
He has denied however that he used the word 'pleb' yet has refused to say what he did say,it seems odd that he should simply say 
"fucking,,," and leave it at that.
He could have said pleb, or prole or pineapple or maybe most likely plod!
No matter, the real offensive word was 'fucking' and for such a lack of control he should have been dealt with.
Cabinet ministers are supposed to set an example and abusing a public employee in a public place needed to be treated seriously.
Yet for the last week we have had every Tory nodding dog bleating on about how unfair the twat has been treated.
I think the culmination was on radio yesterday when the Tory high prince of third rate loucheness Jacob Rees-Mogg opined that what would happen the the Police treated some poor kid from a deprived neighbourhood in such a shocking way.

Remember when Rees-Mogg last spoke up on behalf of a black kid from Brixton when he was picked up for being black?

If that kid had used the 'f' word would Moggy have given him support and understanding?

I hope that Mitchell has now set a new bench mark and a defence that every youngster can use if arrested on a Saturday night for unruly behaviour.

I hope when he appears before the magistrate on Saturday morning he simply says;
" Sir I plead the Andrew Mitchell defence"

And I have never understood whats wrong with being called a pleb?
Happy in my plebian innocence!       

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