Friday, 1 March 2013

                        After Eastleigh- so what!

So the Lib-Dems 'won' Eastleigh-well hush my mouth!!
They actually held on to one of their safest seats,after all they do hold all the Council seats in the constituency.
And that is a cause for celebration in the Lib-Dem high command,so Huhne nips off to do some porridge,Lord Groper is put out to grass and wee Nick bleats on about a new dawn.

Of course they used the Lord Rennard election model, fill every possible street with Lib-Dem canvassers,stuff every letterbox (or orifice  with a Focus leaflet, and spend as much as it takes.
That's a really smart tactic, wonder why no-one else has ever thought of it?

The Tories were bound to lose, this time they did it quite spectacularly,coming a magnificent third, but then its the usual mid term blues,protest vote,government in power blah blah blah blah...

Labour trailed in a miserable fourth,but of course that's no surprise, 250th target seat, they won Corby, celebrity candidate whom no-one had ever heard of, the usual blah,blah,blah,blah......

Of course the talking point was the magnificent achievement of the Monster Raving Loonies,oh sorry I meant UKIP, storming into second place!
Well howdy doody, a party based on xenophobia,barely hidden racism,anti-European rhetoric(funny how all their MP's are in fact MEP's taking the euro-shilling) and led by a bar-room bore!

But then its a seat in rural Hampshire, where every four ale bar has a mini-Farage ranting half arsed jingoism to any passing spaniel. 
He's the bloke in the tappy sheepskin coat and the scuffed hush-puppies.

It was a by-election that meant absolutely nothing and it's only significance is to demonstrate the paucity of political thought and the vacuum that exists in British political life when everything is reduced to the strength of the party machine to break people's will and drag the unwilling squeezed 'middle' out to the polling station if only to stop the bloody Lib-Dems crawling through the letter box to drag the quivering voter out to vote!

As the immortal Jim Royle would say:
"Politics-my arse!"

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