Saturday, 16 February 2013

Adam the First-Tsar of all the Northamptonshire's

After twelve weeks as the supreme commander of all that he surveys,Adam Simmonds,Northamptonshire's elected (by 10%of the population) Police and Crime Commissioner has been rumbled.
By no less a figure than Brian Binley, the MP for Northampton South and fellow Tory.
In his first 12 weeks Simmonds has issued more decrees than any Roman Emperor in his prime.
Any-time now Caligula Simmonds will appoint his pet rabbit a Deputy Police Commissioner and we will all know the fearful truth-he has passed from merely being a hapless booby to a rustic megalomaniac.
Consider his record of decrees since the first time he settled his 10% bottom in the Commissioners chair, and I have to admit that this is probably a partial list.
He has:
1.Promised to recruit 200 'territorial-style' part time officers.
2.Create more police cadets
3.Ensure there are more specials
4.Reintroduce blue police boxes all over the place.
5.Combat drug abuse with a special task force 
6.Combat every other social ill with a range of other task forces.
7. Move the police headquarters to the town centre
8.Disperse  a number of HQ functions throughout the County.
9.Sell Wootton Hall (or rather NOT sell Wootton Hall) as he's keeping bits of it.
10.Freeze Police pay.
11.'Merge' the police and fire service under a new supreme commander....guess who he has in mind?
12 Em sure that his election agent and an old mate from his NCC days are appointed (on a temporary basis you understand) as Deputy Crime Commissioners on £65k a year.Plus another two for good measure also on £65k a year.
13.And amazingly he will do all this without increasing the police precept by a single groat.

The man is an absolute marvel, because while he and his closely knit team are thinking up all these wheezes, it would appear for instance that the merger idea has been around for ooh...twelve whole weeks,he has also been signing executive orders by the shed load.

You see as well as being a master communicator he is also an expert on IT provision,sanitary supplies, office refurbishment,you name it,Adam's got it covered.
His particular experience as 'the youngest PCC in the land' as he proudly boasts is not quite extensive.He started his working life in Northants. as the political assistant to the Tory group on NCC.From whence he rapidly moved up the greasy pole to an important job at NCC.
Interestingly when he resigned from the County,by his own choice,to fight the PCC election, he managed to get three months severance pay for resigning!
All I can say is that Adam appears to have a very good union-perhaps other NCC employees should take note.
Other than his NCC career not a lot is really known about our dynamic crime buster other than he supported Jeffery Archer for London Mayor and belongs to an obscure evangelical cult.

But it would appear after twelve months he is being sussed out.Over the weeks the Chron's blog has had pages of criticism of his performance.The usual named suspects have been on there,Tony Clarke,Steve Ritches,me(he accused me of being 'political'and not a writer!) joined by Jim MacArthur (UKIP PCC candidate and someone with experience of policing) and Richard Church.

However the intervention of Brian Binley may well open the floodgates.Now it would appear that Brendan Glynnane has joined the fray.One might of course say about time for the leader of the opposition on NCC.
But then there is a bigger gap, a larger silence that is inexplicable.What has happened to the Labour Party?
Simmonds is a disaster no longer waiting to happen.
Where is the Council and possibly government in waiting?
Cat got their tongue?
The fire-fighters in this county are under attack,along with the police service and every citizen of the county.
Why so silent brothers and sisters,why so silent?
I bet you'll soon be knocking on the FBU's door asking for cash to fight the County Council elections. 



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