Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Boringate-sorry once more!

I'd hoped that 'Astragate' was behind us, that the due process would take its 'due process 'course and Tony Woods would end up wishing he had done what he should have done in the first place.

On Tuesday morning I popped into my favourite little Italian cafe on Fish Street for my usual coffee.Sitting in a huddle by the counter the traditional conspirators of the Lib-Dem firmament-Cllrs Meredith,Church and the man of the moment-Woodsy!
"Morning Dennis,Morning Richard " and as Woods refused to acknowledge me " and morning to your friend!"
With that jaunty little greeting I went on to place my order.At that point Woods got up and rushed out of the cafe at an unusually fast pace-leaving his coffee.
"Something upset your friend!" I ventured a small piece of drollery.
At which point that nice Mr Church unleased a very nasty and very public piece of invective against me.I really didn't listen too carefully but the word 'shit' appeared to be his favourite word.
Let me make it clear once and for all.I do not like Tony Woods,I think he is a bully and an inept local politician(I'm sure those feelings are mutual)-but that's politics!
However when I reported his actions to the Standards Board it was on the request of NBC employees who felt they were not able to complain themselves.Subsequently it would appear that not even the Chief Executive was able to persuade Woods to do the right thing.

Political motivation? Probably that could be argued, but the fact that he was in the wrong and he knew it seems to me adequate justification.He could have ended this saga before it ever got started.
By the way for local Lib-Dem activist to argue in the letters column tonight(25th August) that he was doing his neigbours a favour by not parking in the street is a somewhat pathetic defence as the vehicle was untaxed.
Politics is not about being liked, or even about being popular, its about making judgements and hoping you've got it right.
Tony Woods made the wrong judgement and made the life of a number of NBC employees difficult.
Richard Church,in his abusive defence of the indefensible simply demonstrated how shallow and insecure the administration at the Guildhall appears to be.
A number of Lib-Dem supporters and putative Lib-Dem supporters have asked to keep personalities out of politics.
Well I may be a scruffy little muppet but I have yet to call an opponent a shit in a public cafe!
Mind you there is still time I suppose, or I could even invoke the John Prescott response.


  1. John hun,

    I hope you know I never called you a scruffy little muppet? My point was that should I have believed all I was told by others, this is probably what I would have thought. It was because I took the time to talk with you and make my own mind up that I didn't (and don't) think that about you.

    Also for the record, had I been with you; I would have stuck up for you! I agree with you, Politics being what it is; is neigh on impossible to change from being about scoring points and backstabbing... maybe I just wanted two people I care a heck of a lot about (you and Mr. Clarke incase you wondered) to be different.

    Just make sure of two things for me please?
    You & Clarke will win and that you won't take me down with whomever? I can ill afford any MORE trouble!

    Hope we are okay? I still have a pint to buy you anyways!

  2. Nicki,
    Thanks for that nice comment-and of course we are OK.I have a feeling that I blundered in to the 'secret' meeting where Mr Woods was being given the loaded revolver-pity he didn't finish a rather nice cup of coffee!
    But then politics can be hell sometimes!

  3. Richard Church saying "Sh*t" repeatedly in a public place?

    I don't believe it! are you sure you hadn't taken the wrong tablets?

    The thought of an angry Cllr Church cursing and swearing doesn't compute, its like being told that Camilla Parker Bowles is into S&M

    Woods, Church and Merideth in a local coffee shop? I suppose it could be innocent enough.
    after all we sit there ourselves for long enough but then again if we got up and left every time we got upset we would have serious caffeine deficiency

    You Aldermen, your nothing but trouble!

  4. You two have no idea how glad I am to have you two as friends... especially after Wed night's meeting! (Though the less said about that, by me the better.. like I said I can only get in so much trouble a month, think I had my quota now!)

    That loaded revolver sounds like something I will be needed soon; Woods never left it did he? Having not been part of a lot of all this, I cannot really comment too much. (or pick sides for that matter!)

    But, all I can say is that the guy I have spoken too has always been polite and respectful towards me... We had a couple of drinks together after the last Overview & Scrutiny meeting; I found him pleasant enough and a lot easier to talk to that I thought.

    Maybe the arrogance is an act, maybe it is hiding his shyness or whatever; I dunno. Whatever the case, like I have with both of you lovely gents; I'll just have to use my own judgement (thought if my taste is anything to go on, that may not be such a good thing!) and treat him as he does me.

    And yes Tony; Richard Church does actually swear! Shocking isn't it? And thanks for the picture of Camilla in Bondage gear! Isn't it enough I have to think about Dennis Meredith and his "spank me over your knee ~ and call me a bad boy" kinky habits!!!

    Glad we are all okay! This time you get Italian beer!! And I must admit, I kinda agree with Tony; John you are trouble... Though to be honest I think the three of us are gonna be trouble!!! (Kinda fun isn't it really? I think I like being a rebel...) Thanks guys, as always.